drunk and full of colour

Andy McNally     ”She’s got a lion’s heart this one.” 

Andy McNally
     ”She’s got a lion’s heart this one.” 

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duvenlove-deactivated20140715 :"I understand. Being too nice isn't always good though. I was really glad to see luke again last night."

I remember kind of liking luke/gail earlier in the series but after last night omg luke/gail <3333 im glad luke is back ;)

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duvenlove-deactivated20140715 :"I personally loved sam/andy and chris/gail. May I ask why you don't like chris/gail and why you like dov/gail? Also may I ask you why you don't like the evolution of chris? I think he needs more angst and to be less nice and concrete."

I like chris and gail but I think dov would be great for gail.. kinda idk. I haven’t rlly decided who i like gail with tbh. I like Diaz but he lost alot of his personality with this all the sudden he has a kid thing and thats all hes gotta worry about… I think the writers just got bored with him. 

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